About Direct Help Mandalay

DHM began its activity in Spring 2008, when we moved to Myanmar because of Andre’s job. DHM supports the Pay Pin Monastery which is located on the bank of the Ayayerwaddy in Mandalay.


The monastery teaches 777 students in grades 1st to 8th. Twenty-six of these children are orphans, approximately 200 are novices, and 551 are students living outside the premises of the monastery. Furthermore, DHM supports 12 high school and 4 university students, all of whom live outside the monastery.


DHM supports the monastery by providing food, books, stationery, blankets and various other things. 100% of the donated money is used to support the monastery and the children, and none of it is used for administrative expenses. All the expenses arising from bank account costs, homepage costs etc. are covered directly by us