Translated from Italian. The by-laws in Italian are decisive.

Art. 1   NAME

An association named Direct Help Mandalay is created in compliance with articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.


The Association’s headquarters are in Tenero-Contra, Switzerland, and can be moved by simple board decision.


The association’s objective is the material support of the orphanage affiliated to the PAY PIN monastery in Mandalay.

Furthermore, the association aids the PAY PIN monastery by supporting its students with school material and tuition fees.

The association also supports the PAY PIN monastery with aliment, sanitary articles and medication.

The association is apolitical and non-religious. It is a humanitarian and nonprofit association.


The association comprises active members (who actively take part in the activities of the association) and sponsors (individuals and/or statutory corporations who are interested in the objectives of the associations and provide it with financial support).

The association comprises the following bodies: the general assembly and the committee.

The ordinary general assembly is held once a year.

The ordinary general assembly resolves upon the proposed motions, approves the annual report and the accounting. Furthermore, every year the general assembly elects or confirms the committee and the accountant in their offices.

The committee comprises at least three members. It nominates the president, the secretary and the accountant.

The president is responsible for the statutory representation of the association towards third parties as well as the on-site monitoring of its projects.

The secretary is responsible for handling the ordinary secreterial work, the organisation of the meetings, the coordination as well as the mediation between the places of interest and the location in which the projects are realized.

The collector is responsible for the accounting and issues the yearly statement of financial condition.

The accountant is responsible for the inspection of the yearly statement of financial condition.

The committee deals with the regular administration, initiates and decides upon the course of business, and strives to advocate for its purpose and its objectives.

The president, the secretary and the collector each have the right of sole signatory authority.

Art. 5   FINANCE

The donations and offers are entirely used for projects which relate to the purposes of the association.

Expenses resulting from the administration, the management and the office as the costs resulting from advertisement and the propagation of information have to be covered by other sources.


The association is dissolved when 2/3 of the members of the general assembly agree to it.

The members have to be notified in writing of the proposal of dissolution at least one month before the assembly. The existing assets will be donated to an association which follows the same or similar goals.


Modifications to the by-laws are possible. To be validated, such changes must be accepted by 2/3 of the present members.



The present by-laws were unanimously approved by the constitutional assembly held in Tenero-Contra on January 1st, 2012, and have come into effect on the same day.